Green Bay Phu Quoc Resort & Spa is located in the middle of unspoiled nature with surrounding hills and mountains and primeval forest covering from the top of the mountain to the beach. Conservation of the surrounding nature is always the top priority of the resort.
We have been actively harmonizing with nature, offering solutions and actions to limit negative impacts on the environment, towards sustainable development.

Take advantage of the inherent advantages of nature surrounding the sea, hills and tropical forest ecosystems. Green Bay Phu Quoc Resort & Spa owns a fresh living space, green landscape is carefully cared for every day. We aim to use recyclable materials and promote environmental stewardship in most of our daily activities.

Architecture & Design

  • Use of locally sourced building materials
  • Minimal tree removal when building
  • Up to 50% furniture used recycle wood materials from building process


  • Natural air circulation and fans
  • Minimum use of fuel powered vehicles, machines and equipment
  • Hot water heated through solar power
  • Energy efficient appliances
  • Low wattage light bulbs
  • Switch off lights when not used

Water & Land Reservation

  • Pump and treat fresh water from shallow wells
  • Low water use toilets
  • Highly successful reef rehabilitation due to discouraging fishing along our property and general care of site
  • Every month staffs help on a Green Day of the whole property

Recycling and Waste

  • Buy fresh and local daily to reduce packaging and emissions from transportation
  • Purchase in bulk to reduce packaging
  • Recycle paper and glass
  • Compost organic matter and use for gardening
  • Limit paper based marketing and other administration to a minimum