Nestled in the primeval forest on the north coast of Phu Quoc Island. Green Bay Phu Quoc Resort is absolutely the ideal place for a vacation away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Experience discovering one of the most beautiful resorts in Phu Quoc in the midst of nature.


Follow this detailed guide to explore our beautiful island. From the top things to do in Phu Quoc to all the recommended beaches, this in-depth Phu Quoc travel guide will get you covered. Start exploring

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Overlooking the resort’s lush gardens, the Fitness Center has state-of-the-art equipment, including ellipticals, fitness bikes, dumbbells, weight benches and more.

After your workout, relax and release in one of our steam bath or sauna rooms.

  • Location: Flower rotation
  • Opening Hours: 10:00 to 20:00 giờ
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Enjoy a taste of the orient, blending a variety of techniques such as traditional Thai, Swedish and Vietnamese massage with firm pressure. A signature therapy is tailored to specific needs soothing aromatic HARNN’s oils with kneading and gentle stretching, leaves your body completely relaxed and recharged your energy.

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For yoga followers, Green Bay is an ideal place to change the atmosphere and inspire practice. With the combination of the sound of the waves, and the fresh air of dawn on the beach, you can be breathing fresh air, absorbing energy from nature.

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Bungalow Hướng Vườn


For your feeling more comfortable when setting foot in the organic plant garden on the resort’s premises. Not only creating more sightseeing services to extend your stay, the above vegetable garden also provides a source of safe vegetables to ensure clean meals for guests at Green Bay Resort.

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Trying out tennis in the middle of the rainforest is one of the must-do experiences during your stay at the resort.

Cycling is a great way to explore the island in the fresh air and enjoy the natural wonders of Phu Quoc. Complimentary bicycle rentals for our in-house guests.

Experience the natural beauty of the island shores in harmony with peaceful waves and light sea breeze. Get a daily dose of fun in the water with complimentary kayak rentals for in-house guests.

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