From the moment we first walked through the uninhabited rainforest on Phu Quoc Island and discovered an unspoiled beach in a secluded coral bay with panoramic views of the Gulf of Thailand, we had a feeling inspired to create Green Bay Resort.


We immediately had a vision of an environmentally conscious 5-star boutique resort that nurtures the natural beauty of one of Vietnam’s secluded beaches.


Our goal is to develop a world-class resort in Phu Quoc without compromising the enchanting rustic atmosphere of the island. Our luxurious rooms combine natural and sustainably sourced materials and feature all the modern conveniences guests expect from a first-class boutique holiday experience.

All of our outdoor architecture is made with Sao wood – the world’s most sustainable and durable wood. The production of Accoya wood uses renewable resources and requires little energy which does not cause greenhouse gas emissions. The wood itself absorbs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, reducing its carbon footprint and remaining CO2 negative during its full life cycle. By using environmentally friendly materials in our design, the Green Bay Family wishes to encourage the idea that hospitality can be durable, stylish, and sustainable at the same time.

Phu Quoc’s beauty lies in its lush forests and untouched flora. Green Bay makes sure to compliment that beauty with its own sweeping landscape, with 70 % of the resort’s land dedicated to plants and greenery. Around 100 types of trees and flowers surround the hotel, creating a home to native birds and butterflies while maintaining healthy soil ecosystems.

The tall palm trees in between Green Bay’s infinity pool and the beaming ocean creates a filter which naturally removes salt from the air, making the summer breeze that passes through the resort fresh and clean. The mango garden fills Green Bay with an enchanting allure that casts shadows across the flower-lined paths and cools down the hot tropical climate of the island.

But clean air and a nature-filled environment aren’t the only benefits we get from our ravishing landscape. During the harvesting season, our garden graciously offers us freshly harvested mangoes and banana hands that we use in our exceptional breakfast buffet.