Phu Quoc Beaches

The abundance of picturesque coastlines to appreciate is one of the island’s standout features. If you’re looking for the best beach, Phu Quoc makes it difficult for you, because it’s hard to pick a favourite among the enticing choices on offer.

  • Cua Can Beach
    The one that holds a special place in our heart is Cua Can beach, widely regarded as the most beautiful on Phu Quoc. Situated on the west of the island, right by Green Bay’s resort, its serene, sandy coves are punctuated with rugged, rocky outposts peppered along its expansive 2 km stretch down the coast, giving you ample secluded locations in which to relax, unwind and enjoy the sunshine and cooling waters. Plus if you feel the need for refreshments, you’re spoilt for choice with a delectable array of dining options sprinkled up and down the coastline.And if you want the ultimate in privacy and seclusion, Green Bay’s very own private beach by Cua Can offers a romantic vantage point to dine in comfort of an evening and witness the majestic Phu Quoc sunset in all her glory, or enjoy a spot of snorkelling and kayaking it the crystal-clear waters.
  • Sao Beach
    Over on Phu Quoc’s south-east coast, Sao Beach is another shoreline vying for your attention. Surrounded by palm trees and tempting crystal turquoise waters, the beach’s silky white sand and magnificent views certainly puts it in the running for the best beach in Vietnam.
  • Phu Quoc Long Beach
    Phu Quoc’s aptly named Long Beach stretches for almost 20km down the island’s south-west coast, and as you can imagine for a shoreline of this magnitude, a wealth of restaurants, bars and eateries are interspersed along the oceanfront, in addition to charming coconut palms dotted throughout its length.
  • Starfish Beach
    Phu Quoc’s Starfish Beach graces the north of the island, so-called because of the multitude of large, fascinating starfish which populate the waters, that you can regularly encounter on the shoreline. This remote beach will offer you seclusion and privacy, plus the chance to witness floating fish farms, which double up as quaint restaurants from which you can dine on seafood like the locals do.

Ho Quoc Pagoda

If you’re looking for somewhere the epitomises Vietnamese culture in its most breathtaking form, Phu Quoc’s Ho Quoc Pagoda is truly a sight to behold. Steeped in rich, colorful history, Trúc Lâm Hộ Quốc Zen Monastery as its officially named, is a magnificent Buddhist temple elevated up in the mountains from where you can gaze across the open waters up on high, pay respect to Vietnamese tradition, and enjoy its rich, diverse wildlife teeming with monkeys, macaques and much more.

  • Phu Quoc National Park
    A real sense of natural adventure can be found within Phu Quoc’s National Park, which covers a considerable portion of the island. A UNESCO designated area, you could spend a lifetime satisfying your curiosity for nature here.Upon visiting the park, a whole host of adventures await you, from rugged hikes and treks, to thrilling river-rafting a kayaking, there are an abundance of organised tours you can take advantage of and delve into the lush, green surroundings.
  • Vinpearl Land Phu Quoc
    A fantastic, fun-packed day out for all the family, in Vinpearl Phu Quoc, you can experience an array of exciting island attractions, from setting pulses racing on the amusement park rides, to giving yourself some retail therapy with the abundance of shopping outlets from which to choose from.
    Featuring a zoo teeming with exotic animals at Vinpearl Safari, a waterpark to whizz and splash your way through, as well an anamphitheatre and spectacular nighttime light-shows, in Phu Quoc, Vinpearl ensures excitement every step of the way.
  • Phu Quoc Night Market
    DinhCau Night Market (ChợDươngĐông) is a place in which you can experience the bustling hive of activity around local Vietnamese life, and sample a staggering selection of delectable street food. From a mouth-watering array of seafood such as jumbo shrimps, plump fish, oysters and succulent squid, to snacks, local craft beer and souvenirs to take a slice of Phu Quoc home with you, its frenetic atmosphere is sure to animate you when the sun goes down.Plus, if you’d prefer, Duong Dong day market is Phu Quoc’s hugely popular morning market where you can soak up the animated hubbub from the locals as they trade, in addition to picking up some tasty food or pretty trinkets for yourself.
  • Suoi Tranh Waterfall
    Nestled within the Ham Ninh Mountains, surrounded by lush green foliage, caves and rock pools, Phu Quoc’s SuoiTranh Waterfall is a magnificent natural attraction and one of the most popular tourist spots on the island. A few kilometres west of Duong Dong, you can enjoy activities such as camping, bird-watching and picnicking in view of the stunning the 4 metre high natural water feature.
  • Ham Ninh Fishing Village
    If you’d like to experience a true taste of local Vietnamese life, in Phu Quoc’s Ham Ninh Fishing Village you can watch fishermen bring in their hauls each day with catches that will provide sustenance for the whole island and beyond. Soak up the vibrant life and vivid colors of the traditional fishing boats, and if you stick around until nightfall, you’ll be treated to some spectacular sunset views.
  • Phu Quoc Prison
    A hugely important part of Vietnam’s past, Di TíchNhàTùPhúQuốc, also known as Coconut Tree Prison, is a reminder of the nation’s troubled past, and how much they’ve succeeded and flourished since. This war museum provides an insight into the methods used during the war, where it’s said to have detained up to 40,000 Vietnamese soldiers over the years, from the end of the Indochina war through to the Vietnam war. Guided tours are available in English.

Pepper Farm – Phu Quoc Tour
Phu Quoc is known for producing some of the finest peppercorns in whole of Asia. They cultivate four distinct varieties, from stunning, bright red and green peppercorns to both black and white. Book a tour of the farm to witness the ingenious traditional ways they harvest the peppers, and get the chance to buy the highest-quality pepper to take home with you.

Phu Quoc Fish Sauce Factory
Just like the Italians have olive oil, Vietnamese fish sauce is infamous throughout the country, and is ubiquitous not just in Vietnam but the whole of Asia. Its distinct taste adds the winning flavor to so many dishes that just wouldn’t be the same without it. The fish sauce produced on Phu Quoc Island is considered to be of the highest caliber, winning many awards, and you can tour the factory to see how they work their magic.